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Terms and Conditions.

Once an order is placed it is non-refundable.
Without an complete order confirmation your order will not progress.


Once your payment has been received, you are required to email Vickstitch with a clear and concise confirmation of your full order that you have been quoted on. The more information you provide will help decrease the risk of miscommunication. Should any changes or alterations need to be made to the quoted order, you must discuss these; and have them agreed upon, with Vickstitch as can incur further charges. 

All requested designs, logos and imagery must be deemed as high-quality by Vickstitch and void of any copyrights, watermarks, and/or trademarks. Should the submitted design not comply with the above terms, Vickstitch will need to make alterations to ensure they are usable, which may incur extra charges. All fonts and typefaces in your submitted design must be supplied to Vickstitch. If not, Vickstitch will match as closely as possible. 


When requesting a quote, and submitting your order confirmation, you must include a full and detailed description of fabrics, colours, logo etc. Should any of the mentioned elements be intricate, unique or specific, Vickstitch has the right to interpret them and replicate them to the best of their ability. Please bear in mind that factors like seams, stretch, and scale may require garments to alter from their original designs. When placing your order, you accept that Vickstitch will not be held responsible should your expectations not be met.

We request that you double check your measurements to ensure that garments fit correctly. 
All waiting and lead times are estimated and can fluctuate greatly. Vickstitch holds the right to not provide updates on timings or reply request, as they require considerable time. 

Should any information be missing, or issues arise once your order is complete, Vickstitch will contact you.  All orders are equally important and are completed in chronological order. Under no circumstances will your order be pushed ahead of another in the queue. Should you place a rush order, your garment will be created outside of working hours by Vickstitch management and charged accordingly. Rush orders are limited in availability and are not always available depending on time restraints. Rush service guarantees a pre-agreed date of the orders competition. Once shipped, Vickstitch takes no responsibility for the time taken for the order to reach you but will be shipped with recorded or signed postage options unless previously agreed. 

Please send your order confirmation to Please put in the subject ''order confirmation'' and your name. As with all made to measure items and custom made items. Refunds are not available.


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